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 Not with concerts!    Up-in-front, in your face performances is what it's all about!



My Photo Collage:

Photography 2011 Art Rusche   



Till The World Ends

Hold It Against Me
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- Intro Movie
- Break the Ice/Oops I Did it Again
- Hold It Against Me
- Up n' Down
- 3
- Piece of Me
- Big Fat Bass
- How I Roll
- Lace and Leather
- If U Seek Amy
- Gimme More
- Drop Dead) Beautiful
- He About to Lose Me
- Boys [The Co-Ed Remix]
- Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know
- Baby One More Time
- S&M (Rihanna cover)
- Trouble for Me
- I'm a Slave 4 U
- Burning Up (Madonna cover)
- I Wanna Go
- Womanizer

- Toxic
- Till the World Ends
(with Nicki Minaj)



at The Tacoma Dome  ~  June 29, 2011

Pictures and review by Art Rusche

   I've loved Britney as a performer from her early years. She is a passionate performer who loves to entertain and that directly transforms to her very large fan base! She's gone through some ups and downs but now at 30 and a mother of two, Britney continues her dominance from the Princess of Pop to the Queen of Pop!

  When tickets were available on presale I bought a couple pairs. Each ticket was over $300, by far the most expensive tickets I've ever bought for a concert! (But only two Sonics games worth, RIP Sonics! :)

I took a gamble and bought end of the runway tickets instead of the usual front stage section. Usually bands do only a couple songs down the runway, but this runway had a stage that many of the performances were on, sort of like a 360!

   My veteran FSB niece Lauren flew back from Detroit to chaperone me. ;)

   And FSB it was as they seated us right in front of the runway! The first act, Jessie  and the Toy Boys sounded great!! The girl next to me said with excitement "my brother is one of the Toy Boys!!"  They played their whole set at the end of the runway stage!! A preview of the evening......"Push it!" was their big dance hit!
  It was as surrealistic as it can get We were at the front of the runway and usually acts do runway runs every once-in-a-while but both Nicki and Britney were out in front a lot!! The excitement was electric!!

  Nicki Minaj came out next and being not as familiar with her music, I had been listening to more of her My Pink Friday CD before the concert. She mixes her fun rap lyrics into pop medleys. She's very unique and puts on a great performance. Nicki usually wears a pink wig but wore a black one through her set.  She used the runway as no opening act usually does, which is normally reserved for the  main act.   Nicki's performance was theme based and she put on a very entertaining set!  She makes a lot of good facial expressions.;)   I am now a fan!!
  After Nicki there was a 45 minute break and Lauren & I went to the beer garden where we got to see a wide variety of dress-ups!!!  Lots of Nicki Minaj pink wigs and many wearing Britney Bitch gear!

   When Brit came out she held the audience in the palm of her hand with an unstoppable frenzy of screams to the top of people lungs!!!!
She started out with her opening remarks right in front of us only a few feet apart.  It was truly mesmerizing to realize what I was witnessing, the Queen of Pop.
   She looked, danced and sang as fine as it gets! The sound in the Tacoma Dome is always great in that wood structure. Hit song after hit song the audience was whipped into frenzy!

  She took one guy out of the audience to the right of us for 'Boys'.    I was yelling to pick me....... I would of died....... ;)
   She of course had many outfit changes and I think though that all her outfits would of fit in an overnight case!  So fun and we were in front of it all! We sang and danced throughout the whole show! :))))

 My cameras kept a full record of this extraordinary event!!!

  Brit went through her full set list with vigor covering a few early tunes, some mid-tunes but lots off her new femme fatale album which is great!  It WILL be an all time classic.
The set list to the left you can see the crescendo of the evening. It was a nice long set list!
  She belted out hit after hit just feet away from us. So so so so cool! So so so fun!...  I'll be riding this high until Katy Perry!! ;)

      There were "no camera allowed" signs when we entered but when the concert started everyone brought out their Smartphones and the ushers seemed not to care. So I first started with my Android HTC and then I brought out my new fast shooting Olympus XZ1 and took lots of good pics!!! I used my other Olympus 10X 500Ultra Zoom for the far shots. I shot about 1800 pictures!  :))
   I expected a great show but it exceeded those expectations and when we were seated right up in front, it went over the top!!! FRONT STAGE BABY!!



   .....Art :))

And now the Front Stage Baby concert pictures...
Over 1800 pictures taken in very difficult low light, fast action environment.


With my veteran FSB niece Lauren who chaperoned me.  ;)

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Jessie & the Toy Boys

Jessie Malakouti

"PUSH IT"!!!   FUN!!!!



Nicki was fun and entertaining!!

Nicki!!   So close!!

My Pink Friday




After the intro movie, Britney came out on the main stage and then directly to the end of the runway, in front of us.

"Hold it Against Me"


"Piece of Me"

"Up and Down"



"If U Seek Amy"


"Gimme More"


"Drop Dead) Beautiful"


"Boys [The Co-Ed Remix]"

"Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know"


"Baby One More Time"

S&M (Rihanna cover)

"Trouble for Me"


"I Wanna Go"




Britney's personal Bodyguard followed her everywhere!

"Till the World Ends"


Live is best and Front Stage Baby is better!

Front Stage Baby!!


  • Olympus ZX-1
    - 10 Mp, 4X Zoom, f1.8, 720p
  • Olympus SP-500UZ
    - 6 Mp 10X zoom
  • HTC Thunderbolt 4G LTE
    - 8 Mp
    - 720p video

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This was another in a line of GREAT
 concert performances!!

Front Stage Baby!!!!!!

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Photos 2011 Arthur D Rusche


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